Our company was established in 1905 by Hekimoğlu Mehmet Efendi in the city of Gerede in Bolu and continues its activities for 5 generations.

Our company has transferred generations of experiential knowledge to generations and has aimed to go beyond world standards by adopting to develop this accumulation through continuous research and development.

Charged graduated , our parents have been charged in different areas faculties such as law and medicine, but have always preferred family occupation because of the heavy love of leather.

Our company started to produce Turkey's first washable leather in 1993 and has become a global brand in this area. Our company, which has more than 10.000 research and development experiments on washable leather, today produces many world brand leathers .

Because of our sensitivity to human health and the environment, all our leather is produced in accordance with the Reach standards and without harming the ecological balance.

In 2016, we established our second company it s name DK TANNERY.



  • Reliable Brand Over 100 years experience
  • We love our job

  • We follow each step of our work with care.
  • First Reactive Leather

  • The first reactive leather was developed in 2011 with the partnership of global chemistry company BASF LEATHER.
  • Reactive leather; is a special type of leather that can be washed, does not lose its physical and chemical properties when washed, and doesn't give any dys to the fabric.
  • More than 10,000 AR-GE

  • Our company attaches importance to innovative ideas, we are continuing our AR-GE (research and development) studies.
  • Our company, which has more than 10,000 researches on washable leather, today produces many world brand names.

    • To make a production that always meets the demands of the customer, not the manufacturer.
    • More than 100 years of knowledge in the leather industry has gained in the industry sector leader and researcher in the sector always lead and leader.
    • Over 100 years of experience
    • Customer focused work
    • 100% Customer pleasure
    • Unlimited color scale
    • Quick solution quick production


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    Demirciler Mah. Yeni Tabakhaneler 3.NOLU SOKAK NO:11 GEREDE Bolu